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4N6XPRT Ped & Bike Calcs

              The  4N6XPRT Ped & Bike Calcs   program calculates the probable speed of a vehicle at impact with a pedestrian, bicyclist, or roller skater/skate boarder based upon the throw distance of the lighter object.

This impact speed is calculated using 13 of the most commonly accepted formulas. The formulas used may be printed out individually, with the explanation of terms. There are also many routines for calculating such items of interest as the cadence, or pedal rotation rate, of a cyclist given a speed and set of gear and wheel parameters, or the speed given the cadence. There are also routines for calculating specific sub-items of interest such as the length of an arc given a radius, AIS (Abbreviated Injury Scale) prediction for a pedestrian at impact, Avoidance conditions for either the vehicle or " pedestrian" given parameters for the other, and many other calculations of interest in pedestrian and cyclist accidents, and Many More. The " full program" output is about 11 pages, if sent to the printer.

This program costs $375.00 (U.S.) plus Shipping & Handling.  Programs shipped to a California Address also require California Sales Tax to be paid.

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The programs are licensed to a single registered user . They may be installed on Three (3) single station/single user computers computers concurrently. Installation on a network computer for corporate/entity wide use at multiple locations is a violation of the licensing. An example of the three installations for a private consultant would be  -

1 at the office/workplace

1 at the home of the registered user

1 on a portable/laptop to be used in the field or in court {by the registered user}

The Registered User may be the owner or an employee of that owner, so long as only one person can access the program at a time.

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