Common Car Accident Questions


car accident questions

What they teach you in Drivers Ed when you were 16 doesn’t always stay fresh in your memory as you become older, and gain more experience behind the wheel.  There are so many frequently asked questions that we get all the time, we wanted to take a moment to answer a few for you.


Can Car Accidents Be Prevented?

You personally can prevent an accident by being a cautious driver.  Obeying all of the rules of the road, not getting behind the wheel if you have consumed alcohol, or if you are feeling tired are all ways that you can help prevent an accident from happening to you.


If I Get Into An Accident, Should I Call The Police?

Even after the smallest accident you should always report the accident to the police.  There could be damage to your vehicle or to yourself that is not immediately noticeable.  It is best to have the police involved especially if the matter escalates to any charges being filed.


What Information Should I Exchange With The Other Driver?

After an accident you should gather the following information from the other driver: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Insurance Company, Policy Number, License Plate Number, and License Number.


After an auto accident it can take a tremendous toll on your life from dealing with any injuries resulting in the accident, to filing your claim and dealing with your insurance company.  Do your best to drive safely and your chances of being involved in an accident will significantly decrease.