How Accident Reconstruction Software Helps Traffic Crash Investigators

A traffic crash investigator takes a detailed look at car crashes, especially when serious injuries or fatalities have occurred. Essentially, they want to know the details of the accident. Trained to do their job well, traffic crash investigators take measurements and drag factors to determine the speed, movement and points of collision in order to reconstruct what happened. They also investigate structural damage to vehicles and other items in the surrounding area of the crash. Their work can be relevant in court when insurance companies and others are involved in determining who gets money for having gone through the pain and suffering of the crash.


4N6XPRT Systems® has developed several programs to aid traffic crash investigators in accident reconstruction, including Expert AutoStats®, 4N6XPRT StifCalcs®, 4N6XPRT BioMeknx®,  Expert Qwic Calcs®, Expert VIN DeCoder®, and Expert TireStuf®. These up-to-date software programs are developed by Court Qualified Accident Reconstructionists with over 65 years of combined reconstruction, A.C.T.A.R. Certified Accident Reconstructionists, and Board Certified Forensic Examiners.


The principal product for which 4N6XPRT Systems is known is the Expert AutoStats® program. Since its introduction in 1991, Expert AutoStats® has grown from a database of 12,000 vehicles to over 44,000 vehicles. The popular program offers detailed dimensional and performance data important to a vehicle accident investigator and reconstructionist in an easy-to-use program. If, for instance, you wanted to see data regarding a 2008 Chevy Aveo 4 door sedan, the program would give you horizontal and vertical measurements, as well as depth and weight dimensions specific to that car. This valuable data can be used to determine specifics about an accident.