How Insurance Adjusters Can Benefit From Accident Reconstruction Software

What do insurance adjusters (aka claims specialists, claims representatives, or independent claims analysts) do? They’re responsible for representing an insurance company’s negotiation process when you file a claim against someone (or a public entity) you believe was responsible for your accident.


Insurance adjusters are on the side of insurance companies and they’re judged on two things: how little of the company’s money gets spent in a settlement and how quickly claims are settled.
Interestingly, insurance adjusters typically don’t have that much time, training or resources to pay close attention to your specific claim. Though an adjuster knows the claims business, they most likely don’t know about your claim in the intimate way you do.


The more details about your claim you know and can present to the adjuster, the more likely you’ll have the negotiating advantage with the adjuster– and vice versa. Did you know that adjusters have the authority to come to an agreement with you on the phone regarding what the final settlement amount should be?


Settlements come down to the facts of an accident and how they’re presented; settlements are also about money. Claimants want to get money for their damages, and insurance companies want to give out as little money as possible.


4N6XPRT Systems offers accident reconstruction programs which help provide important information to adjusters (and/or claimants) about vehicles, such as car stiffness values. The data from 4N6XPRT’s software programs have the potential to explain the details of an accident to help an adjuster (and/or claimant) determine what happened, and, ultimately, the resulting settlement.