How to Improve Safety in an Outdated Vehicle

Although your wheels might be a bit outdated, you still might be able to add the latest and greatest new technology to your car. Your car has likely been a reliable sidekick over the years, and you’ve been through a lot together, but it’s starting to feel a bit outdated.

New technology is being developed on a daily basis to make driving safer.

You don’t necessarily need to head to the local dealership to get a new car in order to take advantage of new safety features.

Here are some ways that you can improve the safety of your outdated vehicle:

Blind Spot Detection

Blind spots can be dangerous. Even when being a diligent and careful driver, surprises can happen. New technology has made it easier and safer to detect vehicles in your blind spot. The sensor-based system alerts the driver with an icon on the dashboard and is usually accompanied by a sound when something is detected in the car’s blind spot.

Forward-Collision Warning & Lane Departure Warning

While driving, it’s easy to start drifting into another lane if you’re not careful. This can be extremely dangerous, but most of us have been guilty of this from time to time. Technology has addressed this critical issue with a lane departure warning system. You can either go with a full system or a cheaper alternative of just a dashboard camera. These systems also warn of potential forward-collisions thanks to software that can identify objects and signs on the road.

Backup Camera

Reversing your vehicle can be a pain. Sometimes just looking back isn’t good enough. However, new technology in the form of backup cameras helps to ensure safety while backing up by giving you a full view from the rear of your vehicle thanks to a camera. There are two options when it comes to adding this tech: Display the view on your dashboard or in your rear-view mirror.

Emergency Assistance

You never know what might happen on the road, but it’s nice to have the peace of mind that even if something does happen, you have the peace of mind that help will be on the way. That’s where emergency assistance systems comes in. This technology knows if you’ve been in an accident and will call for help. An installed button in the car also allows drivers to contact emergency services when needed.

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