Mistakes That Could Affect the Outcome of Your Car Accident Case

You’ve been in a car accident. What are some things that could adversely affect your case?


Did you lie on your insurance application? If so, that could void your personal injury claim. Furthermore, if you deny something but the truth was caught on video, that’s bad. Keep in mind that people today have phones and take videos using their phones wherever they go. Add to that the amazing amount of surveillance cameras around and there’s a good chance someone somewhere has a video of your accident.


Should an adjuster, defense lawyer or juror try and ask you about your case and you talk freely with him or her, you might say something that’ll be used against you. It’s better to have inquisitive people call and talk with your lawyer about the case.


Lately people have been getting caught in lies or “hot water” when investigators look at their social media accounts, blogs and/or web pages and see evidence that can help them win their case. Be very careful about what you post. In addition, because you’re being investigated, it’s wise to remove any potentially offensive posts and/or voicemail greetings that could someday haunt you.


Finally, one vital thing that could adversely affect your case is the lack of tangible evidence. That’s where 4N6XPRT’s accident reconstruction software comes into play. The software has up-to-date information to help you (and/or your lawyer) provide important data about car stiffness values, auto specs and more, with the idea that this data can reliably evaluate and analyze accident information. Ideally, this data can help you win your case.