NYPD Highway Division Accident Investigation Squad adding more force, but could use 4N6XPRT

Reports have come out this week about the New York City Police department adding more investigation officials to its Highway Division Accident Investigation Squad. This comes as the NYCPD AIS is now required to investigate more accidents than those involving a fatality or one who is likely to die.


It used to be that the AIS wouldn’t investigate accidents unless it involved a death, but they will now. Instead of accidents that were involved in a death or likely-to-die accident, they’ve now are being asked to investigate serious collisions that may involve severe injury. Also the department will change its name to the Collision Investigation Squad.


Car Accident Investigation The accident investigation department, which consists of 23 personnel according to the website Gothamist.com, has seen decreases in the amount of traffic deaths, including a 40 percent drop in figures from the decade before, the New York Times article said. But new figures suggest accident related deaths are on the rise. From June 2011 to June 2012, deaths rose 291 from 236 against the year before according to the NYT.


What would help the NYC’s new Collision Investigation Squad out? Services from 4N6XPRT of course. Expert AutoStats gives the dimensions on over 42,000 vehicles, while Expert QuicCalcs can help give answers from the speed from skid, acceleration data, speed from crush estimates and more – all of which are crucial in determining who’s at fault in these accidents – which is exactly what this agency wants to uncover. All of the programs can help out any accident investigator.


“In the past, the term ‘accident’ has sometimes given the inaccurate impression or connotation that there is no fault or liability associated with a specific event,” NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly wrote to the City Council on March 4.