Reconstruction Software for Pedestrian Accidents

All too often we hear on the news that a person walking down the street or bicycling along has been hit by a vehicle and died. It’s a tragic way to go, isn’t it? Friends and family want to know exactly what happened to their loved one. They want to know all the details, including how something so tragic could occur. It may not take away the pain of losing a loved one, but having accurate knowledge of the accident scene helps put people’s minds somewhat at ease, strange as that sounds.


When someone’s death is the issue in court, the 4N6XPRT Ped & Bike Calcs ®  program is able to help in a case where a pedestrian or bicyclist was tragically hit. The program calculates the probable speed of a vehicle at impact with a pedestrian, bicyclist, or rollerskater/skateboarder based upon the throw distance of the lighter object.


The program calculates the impact speed using 13 of the most commonly accepted formulas which may be printed out individually, along with the explanation of terms, to show witnesses. There are also many routines for calculating such items of interest as the cadence, or pedal rotation rate, of a cyclist given a speed and set of gear and wheel parameters, or the speed given the cadence. This information may help determine the fate of a court case.


The 4N6XPRT Ped & Bike Calcs ®  program also includes routines for calculating specific sub-items of interest such as the length of an arc given a radius, AIS (Abbreviated Injury Scale) prediction for a pedestrian at impact, avoidance conditions for either the vehicle or pedestrian given parameters for the other, and many other calculations of interest in pedestrian and cyclist accidents.


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