Safety Tips for Preventing Bicycle Accidents

Tis’ the season for bike riding and if you are an avid bicyclists, it is important to take all the essential precautions to protect yourself and others while on the road. Below are just a few necessary tips to prevent an accident and keep you safe while riding.


Wear Your Helmet – First and foremost, wear your helmet. You should put your helmet on before you even get onto your bicycle. Make sure it is fastened and secured properly. A bike provides no protection around you like a car does so it is very important that you protect your head in case of a collision.


Check Your Brakes – Making sure your brakes are always in working order. Also, remember that vehicles require more space to stop than your bike does.


Be Cautious – Always be observant of everything going on around you especially when riding around tractor trailers and busses. Due to the size of busses and trucks, they may not be able to see you or stop if they need to. You should always be aware of a truck’s signals and be prepared to watch out for yourself. The safest way to ride is with the flow of traffic and stick to the right side of the road.


Make Your Presence Known – Make eye contact with other drivers, if possible. This connection ensures that others notice you. Also, wearing bright colors makes you more visible to other motorists. If you happen to be riding in the dark, wearing reflectors or glow-in-the-dark gear is very important and will help prevent accidents.