Tesla’s New Car Ranked Well for Safety

The Tesla Model X was just released and gained some attention from Consumer Reports. The car is said to be quick and reliable, but also earned praise in another area.

Tesla announced that the Tesla Model X is the first electric SUV to pass all government crash tests.

This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its safety report and gave the new Tesla 5 stars in every safety subcategory including ‘forward crash prevention’ and ‘crash and rollover’ tests while also scoring high points for the airbags and head protection that the vehicle provides.

It is an accomplishment, considering that it is the first SUV ever to earn these scores. According to NHTSA, this 5-star grading means that the likelihood of getting injured while driving or riding in the Model X is extremely unlikely (when in a collision with another vehicle of near equal weight or lighter). NHTSA suggests that drivers look for vehicles with safety technologies including rearview video systems, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning.

Part of what separates this model from others is that it also scored high in rollover ratings. This is a rating that seldom happens with the other SUVs on the market.This added rollover prevention is due to the car’s low center of gravity due to the battery for the Tesla Model X being located under the floor coupled with the battery being centered rather than on one side of the vehicle or the other, as is the case with most other SUVs.

While the safety ratings provided by NHTSA are promising, there is some room for improvement, especially when it comes to reliability, with the vehicle scoring relatively low ratings in this category according to Consumer Reports. People also reported issues with steering and suspension through the NHSTA website. Although the vehicle rated high in safety, it still comes with issues and faults as most cars do.

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