4 Important Safety Features to Look for in Vehicles



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In the past, we’ve covered the importance of purchasing a car with a 5-star safety rating. In the event of an accident, you want to ensure that you’re as safe as possible, while in a potentially deadly situation. Well, as all things go, not every car has a 5-star crash test rating, and not everyone has the option to purchase a new or used car with this rating, so there are bound to be some drivers out there in potentially dangerous cars.


We get it, sometimes people buy whatever car just for the price. In fact, that’s how many young adults find their first or second vehicle. If you can’t prioritize a 5-star safety rating, at least be sure to be discerning when purchasing any car, regardless of its rating.


Cars have a variety of safety features that can help you in a myriad of situations. Your best bet is ensuring your car has most, if not all of the main safety features. Moreover, these systems can help lower your monthly insurance costs!


Lane Departure Warnings


Some cars have the technology to tell you when you swerve in and out of lanes. Some models even have vibrations in the steering wheel to keep you alert.


Daytime Running Lights (DLR)


These lights automatically turn on while the vehicle is in motion, making your car or truck much easier to see during the day. Most insurance companies will offer a deduction to any client with a car that has DLR.


Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)


These systems use electronic control devices to stop your wheels from locking while you slam on the brakes. This helps you control your steering wheel better, even in snow and rough surfaces. Without ABS, hard braking can cause the front wheels to lock up, which means you’d lose control of your vehicle. ABS is crucial for safety.




Airbags play a crucial role in preventing many injuries and death in car accidents, specifically head-on collisions. Many cars offer front and side airbags as a safety feature.


It can be difficult snagging a new car with a 5-star safety rating, but if you can manage it, it’s definitely worth it because it’s sure to include these features, and many more. If purchasing a car with a different safety rating, be sure to check out which safety features it offers, and learn how safe you will be in the event of an accident.