Crash Testing for

Midwest Association of Technical Accident Investigators

Iowa Speedway

September 12, 2022


A total of 5 crashes were completed, 3 of them involved a 2008 Gillig Transit Bus, the other two a pre-1980 Ford F600 Dump Truck.


The first test was to simulate/replicate the driver who begins to make a right turn, then stops, with a bus coming down the shoulder lane at city traffic speeds.


The second shows what happens when a driver has a momentary distraction on a freeway ..... and doesn't notice the bus stopped "due to traffic" ahead of them.


The third and fifth tests were conducted in part to study the differences in movement/acceleration between the front and the rear of the vehicle when the vehicle gets hit over an axle.


The fourth test is similar to the second, but shows the difference in damage and forces between a "target" vehicle (the bus) that has a bumper at passenger car bumper levels, and one that doesnt (i.e. - dump trucks, semi-trailers, "box" trucks, etc).


Crash Test 1
Bus into Pontiac Grand Am - ~24 mph


Crash Test 2
Nissan Sentra into Rear of Bus ~63 mph


Crash Test 3
Chevrolet Malibu into Bus Rear Axle - Side ~45 mph

Crash Test 4
Chevrolet Malibu into Rear Axle Ford F600 Dump Truck ~45 mph


Crash Test 5
Pontiac Montan into Rear of Ford F600 Dump Truck ~40 mph


Force Balance Analysis for all 5 Crash Tests


4N6XPRT Systems Vehicle Data for the Crash Test Vehicles



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