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        The hierarchy of references in the scientific community is generally:

        Primary sources of the top level include personal research, and discussions with other persons having done personal research on the subject at issue usually cited as " personal communication" . This latter source would be referred to as " hearsay" by the legal community, although these would fall under the type of infomation " generally relied upon by experts in that field" .

        The second level of primary source material is information published in research journals many, but not all of which are " peer reviewed" prior to publication. Oral presentations at professional meetings, seminars, and workshops are also more thoroughly " peer reviewed" during the presentation! Pre-publication " Peer review" generally tends towards being reviewed by two or three other researchers in that field, usually full professors at academic institutions that have a turf to protect. 

        Secondary sources of information are books and comprehensive review articles on a subject. These will cite " primary" sources of information from which they have abstracted and summarized data and concepts. 

        A Tertiary level of information is derived from the internet and are generally of a brochure format summarizing information on a topic. These are of varying degrees of reliability wich is quite source dependent, i.e. an article written by a chiropractor or physician is generally more technically correct and less biased than one presented on a law firm's web site. 

        The internet is a good source of primary source material, in the form of reprints of journal articles, " Power Point" type seminar presentations, and lecture notes by professors for their students. These should not be confused with the level of fact in materials discussed in the preceeding paragraph. 

        The majority of the material is derived from text and reference books on a subject, as well as primary journal articles, lecture presentation materials, and the " brochure" level of information. Identification of source(s) is given in most instances. In some cases a variety of materials, including my own experiences are summarized without attribution. 






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Denotes a Trademark registered with the USP& TO. All of the program materials are copyrighted under U.S. and International Law.

The programs are licensed to a single registered user . They may be installed on Three (3) single station/single user computers concurrently. Installation on a network computer for corporate/entity wide use at multiple locations is a violation of the licensing. An example of the three installations for a private consultant would be  -

1 at the office/workplace

1 at the home of the registered user

1 on a portable/laptop to be used in the field or in court {by the registered user}

The Registered User may be the owner or an employee of that owner, so long as only one person can access the program at a time.


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