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Link to REC-TEC Web Site

REC-TEC Professional Accident Reconstruction Software


McHenry Software

MacInnis Engineering

AR Software

Thorn Consulting Services

  Engineering Dynamics Corporation

Engineering Dynamics Corporation

Dirigo Software

Dirigo Software
(formerly Maine Computer Group)



Links to Accident Reconstruction Organizations

Tulsa University Logo        Traffic Crash Reconstruction Research Consortium


Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators



Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction



Illinois Association of Technical Accident Investigators




The Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators


National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators



National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists

Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators

Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators 



South Carolina Association of Reconstruction Specialists



Midwest Association of Technical Accident Investigators





Links to Other Resources

  Crash  Data  Services  LLC
Algonquin, IL 60102

Specializing in providing quality traffic accident investigation including crash data retrieval, accident reconstruction and expert witness services.

Accident Reconstruction Network  

Accident Reconstruction Network

Expert Witness Services,Inc.
La Mesa, CA   91941

Providing Scientific Evidence Evaluation and Event Reconstruction in matters involving personal injury, property damage, or product failure or malfunction.

R.W. (Bob) Rivers 
Author: Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Textbooks 

Thorn Consulting Services

Offering qualified and experienced accident reconstruction and investigation services for the analysis of automobile, pedestrian/bicycle, motorcycle, heavy truck, and railroad grade crossing accidents.

15 Passenger Van Tipping Picture

Vehicle Dynamic Rollover Propensity

The NHTSA VRTC Crash Avoidance group's   research and vehicle testing to examine issues relating to passenger vehicle dynamic rollover propensity.

Lightpoint Data

Providing collision reconstructionists with exemplar vehicle measurements for crush analysis. Our exemplar package includes  high-quality photographs, completed Photomodeler and iWitness photogrammetry projects, and a DXF file for CAD.



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