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Expert AutoStats ®


Get the most complete vehicle database available with the newest release of Expert Auto Stats. This program features a combined vehicle dimensional database of over 43,000 automobiles, utility vehicles and pick-up trucks intended for sale in the United States, providing you with the data you need to complete your accident investigation and/or accident reconstruction.

While the original program was DOS based, a Windows GUI interface was completed in 2010 - and both interfaces are currently included with your purchase. The program is typically delivered electronically via our e-mailing the customer a download link, making delivery both fast and simple. For those who require it, we also offer the program on USB media for physical delivery and installation. A USB drive port is required for installing from physical media.

The majority of vehicles contained within this program were manufactured for sale in the United States and Canada, however, many European and Asian models have the same dimensions.

The information is updated annually, and typically begins shipping within the February-March time frame. In addition to providing the new model data information, the update includes any corrections to previous years data that have been found over the preceding year.

This database has been available as a windows program since 2010. Screen shots to showcase the new look and feel can be downloaded from this link.

It will also run in a DOS window under MS-Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and VISTA, IBM's OS/2 (2.0 and Warp), Linux, and Apple/Macintosh systems with the appropriate DOS conversion software, as well as directly under DOS 3.1++ (MSDOS, PCDOS, DRDOS/NovellDOS). The Full Windows version of the program will run natively under the Microsoft 64-bit Operating Systems.

This program costs $625 (U.S.) plus Shipping & Handling. Programs physically shipped to a California Address also require California Sales Tax to be paid.

If you would like further information about this program or any other accident reconstruction software program available from 4N6XPRT, please contact us today.

NOW AVAILABLE AS A WINDOWS PROGRAM as well!! To see the new " Look and Feel" , click on

this link to SCREEN SHOTS.

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Expert AutoStats Brochure

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Expert AutoStats ® FAQs


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