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  • The E57 Point Cloud model is being provided “As Is”
  • We are not responsible for the mis-use or mis-representation of the scan data provided, nor the information extracted based on that mis-use or mis-representation.
  • The Scan units were “inches”. Depending on your Point cloud program, the import units may be Meters, Inches, or Feet. You should be sure to check a “known” dimension, such as wheelbase, to verify what your Point Cloud  units  are before working with the point cloud.
  • The Point Cloud is provided “As Scanned”. No Scaling has been done to the point cloud. If “exact” measurements are important to you. It is suggested that you scale the Point Cloud to match published Overall Length, Wheelbase, or some other dimension that is important to you.
  • Some manufacturers have production “problems” (eg – “deer hunter”/”deer hunting season” production or last minute design changes) which lead to dimensions on the actual vehicle which may differ significantly from published information for a specific vehicle, make, or model series.
  • You DO have the right to bill your clients for the Point Cloud model as an expense.
  • You DO NOT have the right to resell the point clouds purchased from us as your own product.