4N6XPRT BioMeknx

Biomechanics is the application of physics to describe, evaluate, or model living tissue and biological materials. Originally it was the application of the part of physics known as Mechanics to living systems. This is the same portion of physics which is used as the basis for much of accident reconstruction.

Biomechanics is important in many aspects of forensic work from vehicle accident reconstruction to slip-trip-stumble-fall cases. This particular program contains modules containing information on a variety of biomechanics and injury modalities, physical data found in the literature for failure of bone and tissue, calculation modules to evaluate individual specific parameters, and definitions and terminology used in the literature and found in medical reports.

The 4N6XPRT BioMeknx program asimulates and contains the following:

    1. Over 65 printable illustrations and charts
    2. 10 Separate categories or sections of information related to forensic biomechanics
    3. Information on all of the major bones
    4. Mechanical data on most of the major muscles
    5. Much information on skin, including tear strength and friction on various surfaces
    6. Information on the brain, soft organs, veins & arteries, vision and hearing
    7. Information on walking speeds of people from 17 months to > 65 years
    8. Calculation modules for:
      1. segment length from total body height,
      2. segment weights and Centers of Mass (CoM) based on total body weight,
      3. BMI evaluation to give an idea of a person’s fit to the ” ideal” ,
      4. Predicted Maximum Walking Speed based on total height
      5. Size of a ” Blind Spot” at a distance from a visual obstruction between it and the eye
      6. and others of equal usefulness
    1. Information was obtained by review of over 65 scientific texts, several of which are now ” out of print”
    2. If every item of information and illustration were printed out, you would have a manual of over 325 pages.

It is important for the user to remember:

(A) these program modules are NOT the ” Be All and End All” of information on a Biomechanics topic,
(B) many volumes have been written on each of these Biomechanical topics,
(C) differing values may be found in the Biomechanics literature for a particular physical property, depending on the researcher, the equipment used, and the research objective.
(D) all individuals will vary from the next in specific values. Age and health will give differing values for a specific tissue.
(E) Using the information contained here DOES NOT, IN IT SELF, QUALIFY you as a Biomechanics expert witness in the courts! While the data has been accepted in the California courts, this was done ONLY WHEN the witness demonstrated adequate background for the proper use of this data in a particular case.

However, the data does provide a reasonable starting place for calculations and evaluating the information in a particular forensic case, especially when the party at issue is not available, or certain testing would be illegal (e.g. determining the fracture force of a living human skull)!

This program costs $550.00 (U.S.) plus Shipping & Handling. Programs shipped to a California Address also require California Sales Tax to be paid.