Expert TireStuf ® FAQs

Why Doesn’t This Print under (Windows x.x)? One of several possibilities exist.

  • You do not have your operating system configured correctly. This program is straight DOS based, and all output to printer is ASCII format.
  • You are using a “Win” Printer. This is a crippled piece of equipment which only accepts output from windows programs
  • You are using a USB printer. The USB interface is not supported in DOS.

Why are you still using DOS? Although some think our programming is “out-of-date”, no manufacture has changed the dimensions of a tire model since we have entered that data into this program! Further, the advantages of DOS (small, tight code) outweigh the advantages of converting to Windows (code bloat, larger file sizes, slower operation, more key strokes required) with no real advantages to be obtained by converting to Windows. Finally, the program works under all flavors of the windows operating system, as well as Linux, DOS, and Macintosh, which would not be true if we converted to Windows.

What if I have no complaints or problems? Tell your friends, neighbors, attorneys, police departments, and vehicle sales dealers, so that they too can have a copy!