4n6xprt StifCalcs Product

Are you a member of a forensic or legal team that is often tasked with reconstructing car accidents? Are you struggling to find the data you need and unable to find relevant tests for the vehicle in question? You’ve come to the right place! With the 4N6XPRT StifCalcs Product, calculating the A-B-G stiffness values of cars is a whole lot easier, more complete, and less time consuming.

4N6XPRT Systems broke ground in 2003 when we first introduced 4N6XPRT StifCalcs, which made the entirety of the NHTSA Crash Test database instantly available to users with no need for internet access and no fear that the NHTSA database is “down for maintenance” when you need the data the most. All that is needed to access the data is to plug in some YEAR – MAKE – MODEL information and click your mouse. Since then, the software has evolved through continuous updates, becoming increasingly accessible, comprehensive, and easy to use.

Today, our customers agree, no accident reconstruction software library is complete without the 4N6XPRT StifCalcs Product. At 4N6XPRT Systems, we’ve been developing the best comprehensive database products accident reconstruction software since 1990. We’ll continue to do just that, providing customers with superior customer service, better software, and quicker results for years to come.

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