Category: Car Safety

Common Engine Issues that Lead to Vehicle Accidents

An overhead view of a mechanic working on a car engine

While many car accidents are caused by driver error or external conditions, vehicle malfunctions, particularly engine issues, also pose significant risk. Understanding these common engine problems can help drivers take preventative measures and maintain their vehicles in peak condition to avoid accidents. Here’s a closer look at some typical engine troubles that can lead to… Read more »

Tips for Ensuring Your Vehicle Can Safely Navigate Through the Snow

Car driving in snow

As winter wraps the roads in a blanket of snow, driving can become a challenge. Navigating snowy conditions requires not only skill and patience but also a vehicle that’s properly equipped to handle the slippery terrain. Ensuring your vehicle is prepared for the snow is a crucial step in winter road safety. Here are some… Read more »

How to Drive Safely on Unsafe Roads

A pothole in the middle of a road

We often find ourselves driving on road conditions that are less than ideal. Whether it’s a backcountry lane that hasn’t seen maintenance in years, an urban street riddled with potholes, or a poorly striped road, these conditions present unique challenges to drivers. The key to safe driving on such roads is awareness and adaptation. Here’s… Read more »

Why Old, Worn-Out Tires are Not Safe to Drive On

An old tire on a classic car

The tires on your vehicle play an underrated role in keeping you safe. But when they become old or damaged or start to wear out, they can become quite dangerous. In fact, most of the time when a vehicle malfunction causes an accident, it’s the tires that are at fault. Here’s why it’s so risky… Read more »

How to Deal with Various Lighting Malfunctions on the Road

An overturned stoplight next to a caution sign

There are many features both in your car and on and along the roadway that are intended to keep you safe. Sometimes, you might not notice those features until you are deprived of them. One such example is lighting. There are a variety of lights intended to keep you safe while driving: head lights, taillights,… Read more »

Tips for Becoming a Better and Safer Driver

side view of a young man sitting inside autonomous car

Most drivers follow a familiar path when learning how to operate a vehicle. You start by getting a learner’s permit. Then you practice – maybe with your parents or an older sibling at first. Next, you likely take a driver’s education course before taking a test to get your license. From there, you’re free to… Read more »

Why More Car Accidents Happen in the Dark and How to Avoid Them

View of a person driving on the highway at night

With autumn underway, the days have gotten shorter. With the sun rising later and setting earlier each day, the chances of you having to drive in the dark increase significantly this time of year. It’s no secret that navigating roads in the dark presents its own set of risks, often leading to a higher incidence… Read more »

CDR help file available without installing CDR Software

Did you know that you can open the Bosch CDR software help file on any computer, even one that does not have the Bosch CDR software installed.  This makes looking up a vehicle to determine support, what adapters are needed, and what D2M cable is needed a fairly simple task.  If you have the software… Read more »

The Science Behind How Airbags Work

Three airbags have deployed in a sedan

In the world of automotive safety, airbags stand as a testament to how engineering and science can combine to save countless lives. These cushioned barriers, which deploy in fractions of a second during a collision, have become standard features in most vehicles. But if you’re like most drivers, you might not even know how they… Read more »

New Technological Features that Are Making Vehicles Safer

A young man holds the wheel in the correct manner while driving down an open road

Safety is at the forefront of vehicle design and technology. As we move further into the 21st century, an array of impressive features is making vehicles safer than ever. Here are some of the latest advancements improving vehicle safety: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) One of the most significant developments in vehicle safety is Advanced Driver-Assistance… Read more »