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How Extreme Heat Can Lead to Car Accidents

A person sitting in a car on a warm day

Driving in extreme heat can be uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. The risk of an accident increases as the heat reaches unsafe levels. This isn’t to say you’re in danger by going for a drive on a sunny summer day. But on those days when temperatures near triple digits, the effect on both… Read more »

When do Car Accidents Most Often Occur?

A car post accident

Although it may not always be at the top of our minds, avoiding an accident is the most important goal someone has any time they get into a vehicle. Understanding when car accidents most frequently occur can help drivers be more vigilant during high-risk times. Various factors influence these peak times, including the time of… Read more »

How to Avoid Accidents on City Streets

Close up of a man driving in a city

Driving in the city presents a unique set of challenges and hazards compared to suburban or rural driving. The bustling streets are often filled with cars, cyclists, pedestrians, and sometimes, unpredictable obstacles. For drivers who aren’t used to navigating such busy environments, city driving can be particularly daunting. Here are some practical tips on how… Read more »

How to Avoid a Holiday Season Accident

A turquoise mid-size vehicle stuck in the snow

While the holiday season brings us a festive spirit and joyous gatherings, it also brings an uptick in car accidents. The reasons range from increased traffic volumes to weather-related challenges to holiday festivities. While this time of year is for celebration, it’s also a period where extra caution on the roads is of paramount importance…. Read more »

Dispelling Common Myths About Car Accident Causes

Auto Collision

Car accidents, unfortunately, are commonplace enough that millions of us will deal with them over the course of our lives. The ubiquity of collision has given rise to a number of myths regarding what primarily causes them. Today, we’ll debunk some of these common misconceptions, allowing us to create a more accurate understanding and, hopefully,… Read more »

CDR help file available without installing CDR Software

Did you know that you can open the Bosch CDR software help file on any computer, even one that does not have the Bosch CDR software installed.  This makes looking up a vehicle to determine support, what adapters are needed, and what D2M cable is needed a fairly simple task.  If you have the software… Read more »

Common Vehicle Issues that Lead to Accidents

An older car with a flat tire

In a world full of stresses, obligations, and responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook minor issues with your vehicle. However, this is a temptation that you should avoid. After all, these minor problems become major ones if left unaddressed and a well-maintained vehicle is a critical aspect of road safety. Here are some common vehicle issues… Read more »

Road Conditions That Lead to Vehicle Accidents

A road in poor condition with potholes and other issues

Avoiding vehicle accidents often comes down to the behavior and decision making of drivers. But road conditions are an underrated factor that can influence the likelihood of accidents. Understanding these conditions and their impact can provide valuable insight that might be able to prevent some future accidents. With that in mind, here are some road… Read more »

Common Distracted Driving Behaviors to Avoid

A woman looks at her phone while she's driving

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the United States. Distracted driving is something a lot of people may engage in without even knowing it. It’s not always as blatant as sending a text while driving. Sometimes, it may be something you’ve done for years without a second thought. But it’s prominent enough that it… Read more »

What To Do If You’re Affected by A Hit and Run

A man holds his head after a car accident while police check in on him

One of our main objectives as the operator of a vehicle is to be safe. We all want to avoid accidents to the best of our abilities. However, sometimes accidents will happen and there is a legal process that informs drivers of what they should do after such an event occurs. In some cases, however,… Read more »