3 Reasons to Have Older Tires Replaced

Closeup of older tire with dirt on itIf you’re having trouble remembering the last time you had your vehicle’s tires replaced, there are several reasons why you should consider having new tires added in the near future.

While we understand this is an added expense, it will be well worth the investment by ensuring the safety of your vehicle and all who enter it.

Make sure you’re not driving on bald or low traction tires that can lead to a dangerous accident by having new tires added to your vehicle today.

They can lose their traction

One of the more important reasons for having your older tires replaced is the fact that they lose their traction over time.

The treads on tires will wear down the more they are driven on and can leave your tires “bald” when they are not replaced in the proper timeframe.

When this occurs, your tires will have a more difficult time gripping the pavement, opening yourself up to a dangerous situation, especially if there is bad weather or you need to stop your vehicle quickly.

Changes in weather and temperature can also wear out tires, so if your tires have gone through several years of weather fluctuation, they will more than likely need to be replaced.

They’re more susceptible to damage

Another reason to have your older tires replaced is that they are more susceptible to damage when worn down.

When you drive on older tires and hit bumps, potholes or objects in the road, they are more likely to be punctured, leak and more.

This can not only increase the chances of your car being broke down in an undesirable location but can increase your chances of being in an accident and injuring yourself or others.

They can lead to a crash

As mentioned above, driving on older tires can greatly increase your chances of being in an accident.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimate that faulty tires cause over 600 deaths a year. These numbers alone should be enough evidence to go out and get your tires replaced today.

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