Demonstration Programs

Please print this page!!

The following demo programs are restricted to the following pre-set options. Printing this page will help you on the available options when running the programs.
Expert Qwic Calcs ®
The following calculations/menu selections are available for the demonstration version of Expert Qwic Calcs ®:

I.D. Vehicle
Vehicle Specifications (Expert AutoStats ®)
Braking Calcs – 1st and 4th options
Acceleration Calcs – 1st option on screens 1 and 2
Curve Calcs – 3rd option
Conversion Calcs – 1st option
Combined speed on menu 2

Expert AutoStats ®

Information on the following vehicles is available in the demonstration version of Expert AutoStats®:

75 AMC Pacer
85 Cheverolet C-20
88 Acura Legend
70 Jaguar XJ12
85 Mercury Cougar
79 Dodge B100

To get to the Expert AutoStats ® program from Expert Qwic Calcs ®, you must be on the first menu screen.

Expert VIN DeCoder ®

A demo for our Expert VIN DeCoder ® program, which allows you to rapidly “DeCode” the information contained within the 17 character VIN numbers of cars, vans, utility vehicles, and light trucks, is also included. The demo program will allow you to decode a 17 character VIN for a Checker, Avanti, or Hummer vehicle between model years 1981-1993. Several sample VINS are:


4N6XPRT Ped & Bike Calcs ®

Finally, we have included the demonstration version of our 4N6XPRT Ped & Bike Calcs ® program which is useful in quickly evaluating vehicle speeds in Pedestrian and Bicycle accidents. The demo will only accept defaults for several of the inputs, but will also allow you to get a good “feel” for how the program works, and put in real data for most of the inputs.

It is suggested that you use a “recent” pedestrian or bicycle accident case for your input data.