5 Reasons to Order Expert AutoStats for Accident Investigations


Modern technology has done it again! In addition to the newest version of Expert AutoStats, your organization can soon benefit from 3D laser scanning tools. These tools improve accuracy and can help professionals investigate the cause of the accident completely.


Currently, the software and the Leica Scanstation PS15 work together in synergy to give panoramic images of what went down.


When considering if this is valuable for your organization or department, think about time and accuracy. These products will save manpower and can offer a more thorough look at the events before the accident.


This tool can even operate in most weather conditions. Are there any drawbacks to this thing? Honestly, we’re not sure yet, and that’s the problem. Don’t rush to get one just yet, as they’re still working a few things out. The software alone is still enough to save time, money, and reduce the risk of errors.


Still need convincing? Just check out the 5 biggest reasons to order Expert AutoStats now!

  1. As stated above, this software can improve accuracy and efficiency
  2. This software can bring about evidence that can tell the truth, helping the case of the true victim.
  3. Since the software is easy to learn and operate, training new employees is also much more efficient
  4. This software can help support legitimate insurance claims
  5. Police departments, especially those that are short staffed, can benefit from the software doing the job of 1-2 officers.