Are You Planning to Road Trip for the Holidays? Here are a Few Safety Tips to Keep in Mind!

A safe road trip is fun, especially during the holiday season. With COVID-19 still impacting many families worldwide, more people have decided to avoid flying and drive to their necessary travel destinations.

The holidays are a popular time for families to travel. When more people are out on the road, that increases your chances of getting involved in an accident. Fortunately, those changes can be minimized through careful planning and safety precautions.Winter Road Trip Tips

If you’re planning a road trip for the holiday season, keep these safety tips in mind:

Make Sure Your Vehicle is in Excellent Condition

If you’re not confident in your vehicle’s performance, don’t risk putting your car out on the road. Going for a tune-up will help make sure that your vehicle is in the best condition. A qualified mechanic can check your tires, battery, belts, fluids, and air conditioner and let you know if anything needs to be fixed.

If you’re unsure how your car will hold up during a road trip, it’s always best to get a professional opinion on the state of your vehicle.

Don’t Encourage Drowsy Driving

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving while drowsy is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the United States. It’s extremely dangerous and estimates that it causes about 100,000 accidents per year.

Before your road trip, make sure that you are getting a good night’s sleep. You know your body best, so if you’re feeling fatigued, don’t risk the lives of others around you. If more than one adult is attending the road trip, try taking turns driving every few hours.

If you’re sitting in the passenger’s seat, you should also be awake to help the driver navigate directions and keep their mind awake through conversation.

Pack a Roadside Safety Kit

If you’re going on a road trip, it’s hard to plan out when you’ll be caught in high traffic hours or inclement weather conditions. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll need to use it, it’s always beneficial to carry a vehicle emergency kit with you while you’re on the road.

Here are some items you should include:

– Flashlights

– Hand Warmers

– First Aid Kit

– Car Charger

– Blankets

– Tire Changing Kit

– A Spare Tire

– Warm Clothes

– Jumper Cables

– Rain Gear

To help save space in your car, store your emergency kit in a bag in your trunk!

Traveling with Small Children

If you’re traveling with young kids, make sure you’re taking extra precautions to make your trip as safe as possible. First, enable your child safety locks. Young children can get bored quickly, which means they may get curious hands. Always keep the safety locks on. That way, if anything is accidently pushed, your children won’t be harmed.

Also, make sure you and your children are always buckled up. Seat belts save lives, and an accident can happen in seconds.

Ignore Your Cell Phone

Talking or texting on your phone while driving is hazardous. Even looking away for a split second is still enough time to cause an accident. Because we live in a world where we are constantly on our phones, it’s best to keep it in a place that’s out of sight until you’re stopped at a resting area.

If you’re waiting on an important phone call or text message, have your passenger keep track of your phone for you. That way, they can alert you when you’re receiving messages.

Share the Road with Others

Be mindful of everyone out on the road, and give drivers the space they need to travel safely. Avoid aggressive driving habits, tailgating, and always abide by the state driving laws.

In the case of an accident, make sure you contact 4N6XPRT Systems to provide you with the tools you need to perform an auto accident reconstruction.

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