4N6XPRT BioMeknx™ FAQs

How often and when do updates come out?  It is anticipated that the first program update will come out sometime between January – June 2009. After that, it is anticipated that an update will come out once every 3-5 years as significant data is compiled and added to the program.  The update will come out as new significant data is added to the program and significant improvements are made to the program. In addition to the program improvements, corrections to any problems found since the previous release will be included in the updates. There will be a charge for the update. When we have a firm shipping date, we send out notices with an order form to our registered owners at their last known address.

I am just starting out with my business, can I afford the software? We have prepared one economic analysis scenario for the purchase and cost billing to your clients. Of course, you know your clientele and what your region can stand as far as your billing is concerned, so you should consider this to be a model that you can change to suit your situation with regards to cost recovery. The 4N6XPRT Software Economic Analysis can be downloaded
by clicking on the link.

Why does the program keep ” bombing” giving me an error? This most commonly happens when a folder, file, or group of files is copied off of a CD. To change the attributes so that you can read and write to those files, please download the PDF procedure document [1.7 MB] which walks you through the necessary steps.

What if I have no complaints or problems? Tell your friends, neighbors, attorneys, police departments, and insurance adjusters  so that they too can have a copy!