Common Causes of Car Accidents



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Car accidents seem to be almost a rite of passage.  Everyone that you know has been in a minor fender bender at least once since they were 16 years old.  Car accidents are incredibly preventable however, we listed below some of the most common causes of car accidents and how/why they can occur so easily.


Speeding – Even the most skilled drivers reach a limit where their experience is outweighed by the speed that they are going.  When you are speeding it often times can lead to having difficulty staying on the road, particularly in inclement weather where you may even be driving the speed limit, but you are technically driving too fast for the road conditions.


Distracted Driving – talking on a cell phone, reaching in the back seat for your purse/wallet.  When you are doing the above actions for example, your attention is not on the road where it should be, it is on the task you are trying to complete.  In an instant the conditions can change and an accident can occur.


Drunk Driving – When you drive drunk your abilities are impaired, you lack judgment and reaction time.  Two of which are the most important factors to have when you are on the road.


Unsafe Lane Changes  – When drivers change lanes without signaling, that is when accidents occur.  Always be aware of your surroundings and do your best to anticipate the cars around you next moves.  If you notice that you are driving in a cars blind spot, do your best to move out of it to be safer.


These are only a few of the many ways that car accidents occur.  If you do your best to drive safely at reasonable speeds and be responsible, your chances of getting into an accident will decrease significantly.