Features to Look for When Buying Dashboard Cameras

A dashboard camera is placed just below a rear-view mirrorDashboard cameras, or “dash cams,” continue to see incredible growth across the globe, seeing a steady increase in the number sold over the last few years.

Interestingly, dash cam sales continued to increase during the pandemic, rising by 12.1%, and are expected to continue seeing a growth in sales over the next few years, with an expected growth rate of 18.7% from 2021 to 2028.

One reason these dash cams are seeing such growth in the market is that drivers are always looking for better ways to protect themselves.

Dash cams will not only help protect you by giving you a better view of the road, but also record everything that’s going on around your vehicle. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re involved in an accident and can help prove you were not at fault.

Regardless of your reasoning for wanting a dash cam, we have compiled a few of the best features that these incredible pieces of technology provide.

Great video resolution

When you set up a dash cam in your car, you want to feel confident in its ability to capture high-quality video for you. If it doesn’t, it might end up being useless in the event of an accident since it won’t clearly show what happened. Look for a dash cam that shoots in 1080p or higher for best results.

Capable of filming in low light

National Safety Council studies have shown that you’re nearly three times as likely to be involved in a fatal crash at night than you are during the day.

With this in mind, your dash cam should be able to film in low-light settings. This will make you feel safer when you’re driving around at night.

More than enough storage

A dash cam isn’t going to do you much good if you aren’t able to store the video that you shoot with it. Most dash cams run on a five-minute loop before recording over old footage if you don’t take the time to save it.

It’s best to choose a dash cam that runs on a long loop and that has at least 32 gigabytes worth of storage. This will ensure you don’t miss the chance to save important video to your dash cam.

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