How an Accurate Picture of a Car Accident is Painted


When a car accident occurs, there are several stories that can be told depending on a person’s perspective. Of course you have the people directly involved in the accident– the people inside the car or cars. Then there are witnesses nearby who saw the accident with their eyes from a certain vantage point. And, in some cases, video cameras record car accidents and the tapes can be looked at to get an idea of what happened. Finally, 4N6XPRT Systems offers car accident reconstruction software which can help find the truth about what happened.


Who is at fault in a car accident case? It depends on several factors.


First, there’s the credibility of each driver. How believable are they? Are they consistent with their statements? Do they have a criminal record? Does their demeanor and attitude make sense to those judging the case?


Next, consider the testimonies of neutral witnesses with no stake in the result. If there are several witnesses who seem credible and they don’t have a vested interest in a certain outcome, their take on the accident can truly influence the decision regarding who is at fault.


Thirdly, the physical evidence matters. Vehicles can be analyzed in conjunction with 4N6XPRT Systems’ car accident reconstruction software. Factual evidence can aid in determining fault, as can pictures and/or videos taken at the scene of the accident.


Finally, a police report can help determine fault since a police officer is a neutral party who makes a written report of what happened according to their judgment of the car accident scene.