How Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Car Accidents

A man looks into the hood of a car with a flashlightEvery driver wants to be safe, yet accidents affect millions of Americans each year and kill tens of thousands. Being a careful driver can help decrease your risk of being involved in an accident, of course, but so can regular vehicle maintenance. Ensuring all of your automobile’s parts and systems are working correctly can help prevent accidents. Here’s what you can do to stay safe:

Check Your Tires

The “low tire pressure” message your car displays is not a friendly reminder, it’s a warning. Low tire pressure, which is more common in cold weather, can make your tires less effective and less safe. Tires are supposed to be your safeguard against dangerous driving conditions such as snow, rain and ice. It’s important to check them occasionally for any uneven wear or cracks in the sidewall.

Pay Attention to Your Brakes

Properly functioning brakes can be the difference between making a sudden, but necessary stop and an accident. If you notice your brakes are taking a little more effort to make simple stops, you’re likely due for some maintenance. Additionally, if you notice any vibrations or high-pitched noises that occur when braking, your brake pads are likely wearing thin and need to be replaced.

Clean Your Headlights

This may not even be something you’ve considered before, but it can make driving at night significantly safer. The plastic coverings over your headlights should remain clear. If you inspect them and notice they’ve yellowed, you may want to invest in a headlight restoration kit. This will ensure your headlights shine as bright as they should and fogginess will no longer be a problem.

Maintain Fluid Levels

Gasoline is not the only thing that powers your vehicle. Transmission, power steering, oil and brake fluid all ensure that you car is working properly and safe to drive. It’s important to make sure that all these fluids are at the proper level. Remember to get your oil changed ever six months or however many miles your vehicle requires. Finally, don’t forget to refill the windshield wiper fluid when it’s low. A clear view of the road is key to driving safely.

Following these maintenance tips should cut down on the likelihood of an accident. But regardless of how careful you are, accidents can still occur. If you get into a crash, 4N6XPRT Systems can set you up with an accident construction report. Our forensic accident reconstruction and investigation software is highly accurate, providing you with crucial information you may need for court, insurance, or other purposes.

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