How to Avoid a Holiday Season Accident

A turquoise mid-size vehicle stuck in the snowWhile the holiday season brings us a festive spirit and joyous gatherings, it also brings an uptick in car accidents. The reasons range from increased traffic volumes to weather-related challenges to holiday festivities. While this time of year is for celebration, it’s also a period where extra caution on the roads is of paramount importance. Let’s explore some practical ways to keep safe and avoid accidents during the holiday season:

Plan and Prepare for Increased Traffic

Avoiding Peak Travel Times

December is known for crowded roads. More vehicles on the road mean a higher chance of accidents. Plan your trips to avoid peak travel times. If possible, travel on less busy days or during off-peak hours. Staying informed about traffic conditions and planning alternative routes can also save you from getting stuck in traffic congestion.

Preparing for Winter Driving

In many regions, December means dealing with snow, ice, and reduced visibility. Make sure your car is equipped for winter driving – this includes having winter tires, ensuring your lights and brakes are functioning correctly, and always having an emergency kit on hand.

Responsible Driving During the Holidays

The Impact of Alcohol

Holiday festivities often involve alcohol, and unfortunately, this leads to an increase in impaired driving accidents. Always choose a designated driver, use public transportation, or book a ride-share service. Remember, even a small amount of alcohol can impair your ability to drive safely.

Fatigue and Long Drives

Long trips to visit family and friends can be exhausting. Driver fatigue is a significant cause of accidents during the holidays. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before embarking on a long drive, take regular breaks, and share driving responsibilities if possible.

Stay Vigilant and Patient

Increased Pedestrian Traffic

The holiday season also sees an increase in pedestrian traffic, especially near shopping areas. Be extra vigilant for pedestrians, especially in parking lots and crosswalks.

Practice Patience

Road rage and aggressive driving can escalate during the stressful holiday season. Practicing patience and staying calm, despite the inevitable delays and frustrations, can help in avoiding unnecessary incidents.

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