How You Can Avoid Potholes with New Car Tech

Potholes present a major problem for millions of American drivers every year. A study done back in 2016 revealed that pothole damage costs people about $3 billion annually. Additionally, potholes put people on high alert throughout the winter and spring and can make driving an incredibly stressful experience.

But fortunately, it sounds like the pothole problem could potentially become a problem of the past at some point in the near future thanks to technology.

As of right now, there are several car manufacturers including new car tech features in their vehicles that can detect potholes and help drivers avoid the damage that usually comes along with them.

Ford and Lincoln have both installed adaptable suspension features in some of their vehicles that are designed to lift wheels when they hit potholes so that they can avoid most of the damage that would normally be done to them. Jaguar has also installed a feature in the Land Rover’s suspension that allows for it to absorb all of the impact that typically comes along with hitting a pothole. The hope is that more carmakers will adopt features like this soon and prevent potholes from causing so many problems for drivers.

There are also app makers taking matters into their own hands when it comes to potholes, too. The Street Bump app, which is available to those living in Boston, uses the GPS in a person’s phone to detect potholes and then report them to the city. It’s unclear how much of an impact the app is having as far as getting potholes fixed, but it’s nice to see that there are steps being taken to limit the harm potholes are doing in different places.

Potholes are still causing issues for many Americans and will continue to do so as long as roads crisscross all over this country. But if nothing else, it sounds like people will be able to deal with them a lot more effectively than they have in the past with help from the latest technology.

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