Keeping Your Car’s Safety Sensors Clean This Winter

Many newer vehicles today are equipped with a range of different safety sensors on them that are designed to keep those in the vehicles safer than ever. However, one of the problems with these sensors is that they can end up getting very dirty during the wintertime. Dirt, salt, snow, and other wintry substances can get stuck on the sensors and render them virtually useless. So if you have these sensors on your car, truck, or SUV, you should clean your safety sensors from time to time to keep working efficiently.

Here are a few sensors you should keep as clean as possible this winter, as well as all year around.

Backup camera

Are you having difficulty seeing behind you when you’re using your backup camera? Chances are the camera is dirty and not registering a clear picture. Go behind your car, find where the camera is located, and wipe off whatever is blocking it so that you get a clearer picture inside.

Lane departure warning

The sensors that alert you when you are drifting out of your lane on the highway are usually located somewhere on or near the windshield. Before you get behind the wheel, you should make sure they are clean so they recognize when you are leaving your lane.

Parking assist

If your vehicle is capable of parking itself, it relies on sensors on the bumper to do it. During the winter, you will need to wipe dirt off of those sensors so that your vehicle can continue to assist you while parking, even when there is snow and ice on the ground.

Blind spot monitoring

When snow and salt build up on the rear body panels of your vehicle, your blind spot monitoring sensors are unable to sense vehicles and objects that may appear in your blind spot. Washing your vehicle regularly during the winter and wiping away snow and salt after snowstorms should be enough to keep your blind spot monitoring system working, as well as just plain good maintenance for your vehicle which will help to reduce future potential problems.

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