More Car Accident Myths [Part 2 of 2]

Here at 4N6XPRT Systems we want to give you as much information as possible to educate you on car accidents.  This is the reason for continuing our advice and breaking down the facts in this continuation.

  • Children Don’t Get Hurt in Car Accidents Because They Are Young and Flexible – Children get injured in car accidents just as easily as adults do. Even more often when they are not restrained properly or are in the front seat rather than the back when they don’t meet the height/age/weight requirements.
  • You Have To Get Your Car Repaired Wherever it is Towed to – After your accident the police or the towing company may have a pre-determined location where they tow cars to after an accident. You can however choose if you would get your work done at that location, or another location. Your insurance company cannot tell you where you need to take your car to get it fixed.
  • If There’s No Major Vehicle Damage, You’re Probably Not Hurt–  most people think that if your car is not badly damaged and you are claiming to be hurt you must be a fraud trying to make quick money.  The exact opposite is true.  It does not compare proportionally when you compare car damage to injuries.  No direct correlation has been made between these 2 factors.
  • If One Passenger Wasn’t Hurt, The Others Should Be Fine– depending on the angle of the accident, their current state of health, the car and hundreds of other factors passengers can have different injuries.  Each person in an accident should be evaluated separately and it should not be assumed that because one person walked away fine, everyone else should as well.

There are more myths out there on car accidents, we are sure.  Hopefully by debunking some of these myths it will help you move forward after your accident.

The one truth that we can share with you, is to find a good doctor after your accident and be sure to have a full examination. Be sure to contact us about vehicle accident reconstruction services and our software. These can help a case if you are in fact injured.



Daniel Vomhof III