Motorcycle Tips for Riders and Car Drivers

Motorcycles are exhilarating vehicles when you get on the open road with them. They can be very dangerous as well if you don’t ride them safely and properly. Motorcyclists aren’t the only ones who need to pay attention and drive safely. The surrounding car drivers need to pay particular attention and drive cautiously on the same road as motorcycle drivers.

Tips for Motorcyclists

  • Always wear a helmet – There are some states where they don’t require you to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, but it is very important for your safety to always wear a helmet.
  • Test out your bike – If you have upgraded to a new bike or you’re a new rider, take your bike out to some parking lots or neighborhood streets, so you can get used to driving the bike.
  • Bike Check-Up – Before riding your bike, always do a quick maintenance check on the bike to make sure everything is working properly. And of course, treat your bike like a regular car when it comes to oil changes and other maintenance tasks.
  • Ride defensively – This is an important one because it’s easy to get lost in riding on a motorcycle on the open road. Many drivers want to go fast because the ride is so exhilarating. Don’t expect other cars to automatically see you on the road, so make sure to drive cautiously, especially in heavy trafficked areas.

Always obey the rules of the road when driving. Drive sober and be aware of the weather when riding a motorcycle.

Tips for Car Drivers

  • Blind spots – Motorcycles sometimes can be more difficult to see on the road because they’re much smaller than cars. Beware of your blind spots when driving on the same road as cyclists.
  • Drive slow behind motorcycles – When you’re behind a bike, drive with caution and do not tailgate. They are on a bike, and they do not have as much protection.
  • Use turn signals – Always use your turn signals, especially when switching lanes on the highway. Motorcyclists could be driving quicker and need to know when you are switching lanes or making a turn.

Obey the rules of the road, don’t drink and drive, and treat motorcycles like any other car driver on the road, but with extreme caution because of the openness of their vehicle.

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