New Car Technology Can Help With Pedestrian Safety

Over the years, cars have improved by leaps and bounds when it comes to protecting the driver and the passengers within. While it’s important to protect those inside, it is just as essential to keep the pedestrians outside of your vehicle safe as well.

Now, the automotive industry has taken notice of these needs, and they have begun to develop technologies that put an emphasis on the safety of the innocent bystander.

One of the car companies leading the charge is Lexus and safety technology has already been introduced into their new Lexus LS. The vehicle is equipped with a special advanced safety system bundle that uses radar and a stereo camera that informs the driver of any potential hazards.

If there is a pedestrian that is detected anywhere near the front of the car while it’s traveling a speed between 7 mph and 50 mph, the driver will be alerted by a signal that appears in their line of vision in the form of an attention-grabbing graphic projection on the car’s windshield which they are calling a “head-up display.”

If the driver is distracted and doesn’t see the windshield alert, the vehicle will automatically engage the automatic emergency braking system in an attempt to stop the car.

But that’s not all. If the vehicle’s sensors detect a pedestrian but also detects that the area surrounding the pedestrian is clear, then the car will automatically steer around the person.

If all of these safeguards happen to fail and a collision is inevitable, a newly designed hood will lift at the base of the windshield which will aid in absorbing a portion of the impact, thus limiting any severe head trauma.

This hood function can also be found on the new 2018 Buick Regal Sportback with other vehicles to follow suit in the near future.

Experts hope these new safety innovations will put a major dent in the number of pedestrian injuries that happen each year.

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