Software for Car Insurance Investigators

Insurance companies like to collect people’s money rather than give money out. If an insurance company is always rewarding people with large monetary settlements, they’re likely to go out of business.


When vehicles are involved in accidents the question always arises: “Who or what was responsible for the damage?” Then the question morphs into, “Who is going to pay for this?”


4N6XPRT Systems has come up with vehicle accident investigation software as well as accident reconstruction programs which may help insurance companies avoid having to give out money based solely on what people conveniently “remember” about a crash, which may or may not be the whole truth. People can have flawed thinking, but “the numbers” don’t lie. There are a lot of numbers involved in analyzing an accident, many of which can make the case for who is ultimately liable for the resulting damages.


Insurance companies can utilize 4N6XPRT Systems’ cost-efficient software in order to evaluate and analyze accident information. Rather than doing the time-consuming research regarding ABG stiffness values, auto specs, crush data and other details, insurance companies can easily use 4N6XPRT Systems’ software to determine key information as it relates to a case.


4N6XPRT’s “StifCalcs” puts the NHTSA Crash Test database on your computer, without needing an Internet connection. 4N6XPRT’s “Expert Autostats” provides dimensional data on some 43,000 vehicles sold in the United States.


Whether you’re dealing with cars, trucks, motorcycles or even tractors, 4N6XPRT Systems has easy-to-use computer software to assist you in making your case when litigation occurs.
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