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Should You Still Be Driving Your Old Car on the Road? Here Are Some Safety Features That Have Changed, or are Changing, the Driving World!

Car Safety Features

Over the past few years, car safety features have made some significant advancements. Although your 2013 SUV is probably running just fine, a lot of buyers today are swapping their vehicles for a much safer option. With the advancement in vehicle technology, America’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has indicated that these features have dramatically… Read more »

Department of Transportation Proposes Connected Vehicle Rule

After seeing a spike in traffic fatalities in 2015, the US Department of Transportation has proposed a new rule designed to prevent collisions by mitigating the risk of human error behind the wheel. If approved, the rule would require automakers to include vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology in all new light-duty vehicles. This connected vehicle system… Read more »