The Dangers of Driving in the Fall

While fall is a great time of year to enjoy the beautiful foliage and fun outdoor activities, it is one of the more dangerous seasons to be on the roadways.

Whether it be that it gets dark out quicker, the glare of the sun in the late afternoon, the increased chance of fog and frost or the critters that come onto roadways, there are many things to be cognizant of as you drive down the road in the fall months.

When you take all these potential dangers into account, you will set yourself up to be prepared for any situation that may arise to keep yourself and your family safe.

Car driving in fog at night

It gets darker earlier

As we get into the fall months, the days get shorter and shorter. With more and more people driving in the dark on their commute home or after running errands, there is a greater chance for accidents.

Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision are all lessened when it is dark out and the glare of lights can also create issues for drivers.

A recent study by the National Safety Council found that 50% of all traffic deaths occur at night, although just 25% of our driving is done when it’s dark out.

There’s a higher chance of fog and frost

Another concern when driving in the fall is the fog and frost that can cover the roadways. This is typically seen in the early morning hours or at night and can be a serious hazard for drivers.

Fog and frost not only reduce your vision and make it hard to see the other cars on the road, but they can also have a negative effect on your distance perception.

When you notice fog or frost make sure to put on your fog lights, as they shine a wide, low beam to help guide you safely. Make sure to never use your high beams when driving in fog!

There are more critters on the road

The fall is a time where you see a wide variety of critters on the roadways including everything from skunks to racoons and the obvious deer. Deer typically mate in November and are seen out in greater numbers on roadways during this time.

In fact, you’re more than three times as likely to hit an animal during this time of year, making it extra important to keep an eye out for anything that may dart out in front of your car.

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