The Negative Effects of Keyless Cars

Keyless ignitions have turned into one of the most popular features included in new vehicles. About half of the 17 million new vehicles sold in the U.S. every year now come with keyless ignition standard, and the convenience of it has turned a lot of people into big believers in the technology. It’s easier than ever before to get into a car, start it up, and drive off.

But there is one very big potential pitfall that comes along with keyless ignition, and it could have serious health risks and even lead to death if you’re not careful.

Quite a few Americans are using keyless ignitions to start their vehicles and then forgetting to turn their vehicles off when they drive home and park in their garages.

Some people are mistakenly exiting their vehicles and taking their key fobs with them, which they think will shut off their cars. But that isn’t always the case, and these people are inadvertently leaving their cars, trucks, and SUVs running inside of their garages.

This is obviously not a good move as it allows carbon monoxide to build up inside of a garage before finding its way into a main home. More than two dozen people have been killed since 2006 as a result of this happening, and dozens of others have also sustained illnesses and injuries. There have even been a few people left with brain damage due to carbon monoxide poisoning tied directly to keyless ignition issues.

There are organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that are making a push for auto manufacturers to incorporate some kind of technology into vehicles with keyless ignitions that will let drivers know their cars are still running when they get out of them. But for now, there is still no clear-cut plan in place for eliminating the risk of using keyless ignition. It could potentially lead to more deaths and illnesses in the future and could turn some people off when it comes to the idea of purchasing a car equipped with keyless ignition.

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