We’re in a very interesting time with new technology and automation quickly coming into play in our everyday lives. Just go to the grocery store and observe the use of self-checkout stations. Go to a fast food restaurant and take a look around at the self-ordering stations. This is going to be the norm, even when it comes to automobile technology in the near future.

New Car Technology Coming Soon

We are already noticing the incorporation of electric vehicles and self-driving cars in our world. It’s growing at a rapid speed, and why not? It makes our lives easier, and it can also prevent human error when on the road. Tesla is taking the early leap into full self-driving cars, and many countries like Japan are getting off the ground with robot taxi rides. Other companies like Ford are also testing self-driving cars.

Drunk Driving Tech – US Senators are planning to introduce legislation for car technology that will determine the legal limit of alcohol consumption and getting behind the wheel. This will allow the new car technology to block anyone from driving their vehicle if they are over the limit.

In Regard to Devices, Apps, and Screens

With screens in cars getting larger, as well as access to your phone, will this be a problem for drivers? It may be more distracting to drivers, but this is why companies are jumping into automation for driving. It’s convenient, but also confusing for many older generations who still drive. Check out our blog post on the possibility of new car technology becoming a distraction for drivers.

What does this mean for auto accident reconstruction tools?

Nothing changes in the concept of the technology, but it will make lawsuits, criminal defense cases, and insurance claims a little more interesting. The auto accident reconstruction tools from 4N6XPRT Systems is still the best while it improves and gets better each day.

4N6XPRT Systems

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