Expert VIN DeCoder ® FAQs

Why Doesn’t This Print under (Windows x.x)? One of several possibilities exist.

  • You do not have your operating system configured correctly. This program is straight DOS based, and all output to printer is ASCII format.
  • You are using a ” Win” Printer. This is a crippled piece of equipment which only accepts output from windows programs
  • You are using a USB printer. The USB interface is not supported in DOS.

Why are you still using DOS? Although some think our programming is ” out-of-date” , no manufacture has changed the dimensions of a vehicle model since we have entered that data into this program! Further, the advantages of DOS (small, tight code) outweigh the advantages of converting to Windows (code bloat, larger file sizes, slower operation, more key strokes required) with no real advantages to be obtained by converting to Windows. Finally, the program works under all flavors of the windows operating system, as well as Linux, DOS, and Macintosh, which would not be true if we converted to Windows.

How do I run your software on a Mac? Two responses to this question in an e-mail group follow

  • I switched to a MacBook Pro running VM Ware Fusion 2 with Windows XP pro. I wish I would have switched years ago! I am running all the programs you mention and more just fine. Not a single problem! Contact me off list if you have further questions, and
  • I echo that, except I’m running XP Home under Parallels on a MacBook Air. Again, no issues.

I am just starting out with my business, can I afford the software? We have prepared one economic analysis scenario for the purchase and cost billing to your clients. Of course, you know your clientele and what your region can stand as far as your billing is concerned, so you should consider this to be a model that you can change to suit your situation with regards to cost recovery. The 4N6XPRT Software Economic Analysis can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

What if I can’t find a VIN that should be in the program? IF you are a registered owner of this program, and own the most current version of the program, you telephone, FAX, e-mail, or mail your request, we will locate the information and send whatever we can find to you AT NO CHARGE.
(Registered owners have access to an 800 number for telephoning.)

Are ALL Trim models identified? No. The program is limited to the information that manufacturers imbed into the VIN. In some cases trim levels are indicated, in others they are not.

What is your source or sources of information? The first source is the manufacturer’s VIN information. Additionally –

  • This data is cross-checked against information in the Kelly Blue Books and the NADA books (NADA = National Automotive Dealers Association)
  • Whenever possible, the program is then checked against vehicles found on dealers lots.
  • Engine data is checked against the Chilton Manuals (R) and the manufacturer’s data.

What if I have no complaints or problems? Tell your friends, neighbors, attorneys, police departments, and vehicle sales dealers, so that they too can have a copy!