What Are the Main Causes of Rear-End Collisions? Are They Preventable?

Believe it or not, nearly one-third of all motor vehicle accidents are the result of rear-end collisions. If you’ve ever witnessed or experienced a rear-end crash, you know that they can be very damaging. To help reduce the number of collisions on the road, we’re here to share with you some of the biggest causes of rear-end collisions and a few ways to help prevent them.Rear-end collisions

Distracted Driving Causes Rear-End Collisions

Regardless of the reason, any time you take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel, your chances of getting into an accident increases. Because many vehicles have touch screen devices that allow us to check our text messages, answer a phone call, or change playlist easily, our cellular devices are one of the leading causes of distracted driving.

However, they aren’t the only cause. Rear-end collisions can also result from daydreaming, reaching for something in the back seat, or focusing on something on the side of the road.

Driving too Close to The Person in Front of You

We’ve all had to stop very abruptly before. And if a car is trailing behind you, a quick stop can cause them to crash into you. When driving behind another vehicle, remember to maintain your distance from them. When you are too close to another car, it becomes more difficult to stop, especially if it’s an abrupt stop.

As a rule of thumb, you should always be able to see the rear tires of the car that’s in front of you, and if you can’t, then you know you’re driving too close.

Weather Conditions Can Cause Accidents

Rain, snow, sleet, ice, and fog can contribute to an increased risk of crashes. When you’re driving in poor weather conditions, make sure you are adjusting your driving style too. Always leave more room than you usually would between you and the car in front of you.

Can You Avoid a Rear-End collision?

If you’ve been hit, odds are you probably could not have done much to avoid the collision. However, now that you know some of the bigger distractions that cause rear-end collisions, we hope you are more aware while driving. Hopefully these tips will help lower the amount of collisions that happen each year.

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