What To Do If You’re Affected by A Hit and Run

A man holds his head after a car accident while police check in on himOne of our main objectives as the operator of a vehicle is to be safe. We all want to avoid accidents to the best of our abilities. However, sometimes accidents will happen and there is a legal process that informs drivers of what they should do after such an event occurs.

In some cases, however, the person who was at fault in the accident will drive off to avoid any consequences. This can make things more complicated. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s what you should do:

Call the Police

This is the first and most simple step to take. The person who has caused the accident and taken off has committed at least one crime, making this a police matter. In the best-case scenario, the police will be able to find the culprit, making things much easier on you.

Gather Information

If the police are going to be able to find the person, they’re going to need as much information as possible. You can help by gathering some of that at the scene before they arrive. Try to locate any cameras in the area. If you have a dashboard camera in your car, have that footage ready. Try to find any witnesses to see if they caught a license plate number or any other information about the car. If they can’t stay to wait for the police to arrive, get their name and contact information.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Carrier

Hit and runs are a bit more complicated than your average car accident on the insurance side of things. How exactly it will be handled will depend on your exact plan and carrier. While you’re waiting to find out whether the culprit will be caught, reach out to your insurance company and let them know what is going on. This will also allow you to begin the repair process.

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