Which Environmental Conditions Lead to Car Accidents?

A car driving down a snow streetSo many of the precautions we take as drivers are aimed at ensuring we don’t end up in an accident. There’s a good reason for this: car accidents affect millions of Americans each year, injuring hundreds of thousands and killing more than 30,000 annually.

According to the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most crashes are caused by driver error and vehicle failure. These can be avoided by being a skilled and careful driver and with proper maintenance, respectively. But there’s a third-leading cause that’s more difficult to prepare for: environmental conditions. Here are some conditions that are most likely to lead to an accident:

Slick Roads

No environmental condition leads to more accidents than slick roads, for reasons that are likely obvious. Whatever is making the road slicker – rain, snow, another substance – is not always immediately visible to the driver. Often, it’s too late by the time the driver notices that there’s an issue. Black ice is particularly notorious for sneaking up on drivers.

View Obstructions

It makes sense that drivers are not as effective when their view is obstructed in some way. The most common form of this is sunlight glare, which can blind drivers to what is directly in front of them, leading to a multitude of issues.

Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions pose a serious danger to drivers for a variety of reasons. Snow can make it nearly impossible for many cars to drive, causing them to get stuck, spin out or generally lose control, as well as be a visual impairment. A fierce enough rainstorm can hurt visibility and can also lead to hydroplaning, which both cause accidents. Conversely, a very light rain in areas that normally don’t receive much rain can float up the road oils creating a slick road where it is not normally expected based on the amount of rainfall.  Thick fog can also obstruct the vision of the driver, leading to more accidents.

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