Why it’s Important to be a Defensive Driver

With new car technology, texting and driving, reckless drivers out on the open road, defensive driving is extremely important. We have heard this term before, and we’d like you to get acquainted with tips on becoming a defensive driver, so that you are not distracted on the road.

defensive driving in trafficStay off your mobile device

This is common knowledge, but we see drivers using their mobile devices while driving every single day. Whether it’s texting and driving, changing your music playlist, or scrolling through social media, they are all bad choices.  Practice picking a playlist before you start driving, pull over to text if it’s important, and just stay off social media. It can wait.

Keep a good distance between other cars

This is important, especially in traffic because you never know when the car ahead of you may stop abruptly in traffic. It’s better to have a good distance between you and the other car in case this happens. Another instance could be if there is a mail truck or other utility vehicle parked on the side of the road and the car ahead of you swerves into the other lane to get around.  You always want to be looking out for these instances.

Try not to eat and drive

If you’re picking up fast food and you have a long drive ahead, try and stop to eat before you drive.  Just like cell phone use, eating while you’re driving can be dangerous, especially if the food item you’re eating is messy or hard to eat with one hand.  Just in general, it’s better to eat in the restaurant or parking lot.

Other tips:
  • Pay close attention to traffic signs
  • Don’t follow what the driver ahead of you is doing
  • Drive cautiously in bad weather conditions/pull over if needed
  • Give the right-away to people at 4-way stops
  • Look ahead and scan the sides of the road (animals crossing)
4N6XPRT Systems

It’s important to be a defensive driver and look out for yourself because you never know what kind of drivers are on the road. If you are acting reckless, you are more likely to get into a car accident.

Car accidents happen frequently, and 4N6XPRT Systems can provide you with the tools you need to perform auto accident reconstruction during lawsuits, criminal defense cases, insurance claims, etc. Contact us today at 619-464-3478!