How New Trends in Vehicle Design Could Affect Insurance Companies

The automotive industry is constantly changing; trends come and go, like dust in the wind. Some trends are little and many don’t bat an eyelash when it comes to them. Others are a bit more noticeable and sometimes these trends have the potential to change driving forever. A recent move is being considered a “game changer.”


In Insurance Business America, Caitlin Bronson writes, “Many cars and trucks have recently undergone major redesigns replacing steel body panels with a new material: aluminum. But the trend that was once heralded as the future of motor vehicles could spell an uncertain fate for the insurance industry.”


Let’s be honest; the insurance industry is a bit of a titan – what could possibly make them shaking in their boots? It’s all because of Canada’s most popular truck. The problem with the aluminum behemoth is that it’s an all-star when it comes to crash tests – but this presents a problem: the repairs cost more than its steel counterparts, not to mention that people inside the vehicle are more liable to get seriously injured.


While the use of aluminum was seen as much-needed change of pace, the possible effects of its use on the road, like with the truck, has many people worried. Does this mean more companies and people will be utilizing our software to investigate accidents? Only time will tell.