Accident Reconstruction Software: An Indispensable Tool for Defense Attorneys

The courtroom is a tough—and often brutal—place. That’s why many people dread entering one. Depending on the case, a person’s entire livelihood or freedom might be at stake. To make matters worse, prosecutors have never been known for holding back. In fact, it’s their job to do the exact opposite.


This is what makes it so important for defendants to hire a highly qualified defense attorney. They not only know their stuff through years of education and experience—they also have the wisdom and willingness to use every last tool and piece of information to make their case.


That’s where accident reconstruction software comes in. When a client is being accused of being responsible for an automobile accident, it can be incredibly difficult to prove what actually happened. Not only do car accidents happen incredibly quickly, they can also be very complicated, and sometimes even deceiving.


To make matters worse, court cases that involve injury or death can sometimes be fueled and distorted by emotion. While some might argue that the fault in an accident is open to interpretation, you can’t make much of a case against cold hard facts and figures. 4N6XPRT’s accident reconstruction will allow you to sort through the confusion and show what really happened in a car accident.


While we would never claim to be legal experts, we do know how to interpret and analyze data when reconstructing an accident. In the same way, we don’t expect defense attorney’s to put together a detailed reconstruction of an accident. That’s why our software is so effective. It takes all the data in an incident, from vehicle information to crush data, and analyzes it in a way that you can understand.


These days, a defense attorney will be left in the dust if they don’t use every tool at his or her disposal. Modern technology, like that employed at 4N6XPRT, enables you to see into the past cause of a tragedy while ensuring justice in the future.