Brain-to-Vehicle Technology

While everyone has their own relationship with driving, some are less excited about the process than others. The good news is that there may soon be technology that can predict your movements, making the process of driving that much simpler and more enjoyable.

The new method is being labeled brain-to-vehicle technology, and it’s being developed by researchers at Nissan and EPFL.

In a nutshell, the new technology will be able to analyze the driver in order to “predict” and “detect” any future movements and avoid potential dangers.

The predict feature is just as it sounds. When a person is driving their car, the new technology will analyze the brain’s signals when the driver is about to perform a function such as turning, braking, accelerating, etc. After it learns these functions, the driver assist technologies can predict these motions in the future thusly improving reaction time and making driving just a bit more relaxing and safer.

Everyone has their driving style with certain actions that make them feel more at ease behind the wheel. Enter the detect feature. This feature learns your likes and dislikes, for example, which lane you like to travel in and your speed preferences. After a few sessions, the autonomous drive system will learn these preferences and implement them on future drives, thus providing the driver with the perfect driving experience.

The system will not only recognize what the driver thinks but also what the driver sees. When we are traveling down the road, we look at a lot of things, some important, and some that are just scenery. The new system would be able to differentiate between the two and take on each scenario accordingly.

In order to learn how the driver thinks, the driver will have to start the process by driving with a special high-tech skullcap that receives these messages and creates a personalized driving experience.

While the new tech seems to be coming along quickly, there is still no expected time frame for when brain-to-vehicle technology will be available to drivers.

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