Bumper-Mounted Laser Could Prevent Accidents in Bad Weather

The NHTSA estimates that 22 percent of the roughly 5 and a half million car accidents that occur each year are weather-related. In many of these cases – especially where fog and snow are involved – the accidents are caused by reduced visibility. In dense fog and heavy snowfall, taillights can be difficult to discern, making it next to impossible to judge distances between vehicles. Whereas conventional lights are ineffective in these conditions, however, concentrated lasers can be very useful.
That’s why one company developed a simple, inexpensive bumper-mounted laser to help make vehicles more visible in snow and fog. The laser projects a solid red line about 15 to 20 feet behind the vehicle so that drivers following behind will always be able to track its position. The laser is powerful enough to see in adverse weather conditions, but not so powerful that it might blind other drivers.
Installation of the device is very straightforward. 3M adhesive stickers are used to mount the laser to the vehicle’s rear bumper. Then, the laser can be connected directly to the wires that provide power to the vehicle’s brake lights. The angle of the laser can also be adjusted to control the distance at which it strikes the ground behind the car.
If you’re interested in trying out this or a similar device, be sure to check your state and local traffic laws first. In some places, it may not be legal to have a laser mounted on your vehicle. If you’re a cyclist, you can find similar safety devices for your bike as well.
If you’ve been involved in a collision, 4N6XPRT Systems has several programs that can help in an accident reconstruction and analysis of the collision to determine who bears responsibility. Contact us today for more information.